The Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance

…is profoundly intolerant. It is not enough that you tolerate homosexuals doing their thing. You. MUST. Approve. If you are silent, it will be taken as disapproval and you will be threatened. If you actually dare to voice the opinion that gay “marriage” is fictional or wrong, you will be punished and hounded from your job to financial ruin. And you will, if you have incorrect thoughts, be barred from participation in government.

It must be so, since the homosexualist movement is an attempt by a group that will always be a small and intensely narcissistic minority to force people, not merely to tolerate their behavior, but to approve of it. Since lots and lots of people will never approve of it, this minority will rankle under that awareness and, as it becomes apparent that the battle for approval cannot be won, the desire will turn more and more toward silencing and ultimately destroying the offenders. Just ask Mary Stachowicz–who you never hear about when the words “gay” and “bullying” are trotted out by gay bullies.

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