Tin Cup Rattle, Day 7

I am back to work today cranking out more stuff and trying to meet the bills. I’ve got several pieces to write and still have the books (mine and ghostly) hanging over my head. So I will be busy and scarce. Please, if you can help us out during this very dry summer the whole fambly will be grateful.

I won’t bore you with NPR “If you value what you get here” prattle. However, if you want to buy my stuff, you can get it here. If you want to have me come speak for you, you get me here.

I’m continuing up the mountain of work like the Little Engine that Could. I hope to reach the crest soon!

I think I can! I think I can!

  • Martin Snigg

    I’ve bought your stuff, you live on the direct opposite side of the planet to me . . . what’s a grateful Catholic to do?

    • chezami

      Thanks! (For getting my stuff, not for living on the opposite side of the planet.)

  • Jason Hall

    You have ghostly books, hanging over your head. Who ya gonna call?