Vote for “The Coffinmaker”!

Remember this gorgeous little film?:

Marcus writes me:

I received the below email from Dan McComb, maker of “The Coffinmaker” video. It is in a Smithsonian Magazine contest which includes a “people’s choice” category. Would you consider voting for it and spreading the word to others to do the same? I think it is a great opportunity to share the Good News as well as give Dan some recognition for the great work he did (and of course let people know about Marian Caskets). Thanks so much and best to the fambly.


From: Dan McComb
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2013 12:28 PM
To: Marcus Daly
Subject: Coffinmaker is finalist for Smithsonian award

Hi Marcus,

Hope you’re summer is as super awesome as the weather’s been lately.

I’ve got some more good news about The Coffinmaker: it’s a finalist in Smithsonian’s “In Motion” short video contest. Your story keeps reeling ’em in!

I need your help. Please vote for and invite your friends to vote for this video on the contest page at It’s in the People category, second from the left.

The audience choice winner will be decided this way. And we know from the APA contest how good The Coffinmaker can do when it comes to audience choice! But the key will be getting the word out.

If you care about evangelizing the culture, here’s a chance!

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Happy to oblige!

  • B.E. Ward

    Hey Marcus, if you’re reading this.. I’m curious if you’re familiar with the work of Orthodox Deacon Mark Barna. He and his wife have done Christians a great service in putting their book together and offering workshops:

    For anyone interested in learning more without access to the book, he just started a podcast:

    And he was interviewed extensively on another Ancient Faith podcast last year:

    The interview was fascinating, and even included some ‘logistics’ that most people just don’t think of. Like for parishes who want to use a beautiful handmade casket, timing is often a difficult issue, especially if one is trying to avoid embalming. So he suggests each parish buy one to have on hand at all times. Talk about a reality check for folks who see it.

    Ultimately, I think there is much, much, much common ground between the Orthodox and Catholics when it comes to this issue.. especially as we try to escape the Death Industrial Complex.

    • Marcus

      Thanks, B.E., I will check your links out.