Barbara Nicolosi Harrington Wants Good Christian Storytellers

Barbara Nicolosi Harrington Wants Good Christian Storytellers July 5, 2013

She writes:

What is needed is a serious academy-based training program in Christendom which will become the global center of discussion and learning about dramatic story telling. Basing ourselves on the successful artist guilds which eventually produced the Renaissance, Christians today need to strategically and intelligently aid playwrights and screen storytellers in finding their power again in a 21st Century society that desperately needs the hopes, challenges, courage and wisdom that good stories are meant to give. We need to help writers to identify and hone their God-given talents. We will need to prepare them with ethics, theology and philosophy to make their stories rich and responsible. We will need to nurture in them a vocational spirituality to understand and embrace their honorable and vital role as storytellers for the family of men.

After “The Lone Ranger” and “Man of Steel” her point just gets more pointed.

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