Your Chance to Do a Vital Work of Mercy for a Poor Family with a New Baby Whose Mom has Breast Cancer

Jodi Sorenson’s family and friends are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against breast cancer. Please show your support!

Jodi’s was diagnosed with stage IIA breast cancer in April. She is currently undergoing 6 months of chemo and will have surgery this fall. She and Adam welcomed their son, Sven in May. He was 6 weeks early so he spent 8 nights in NICU and Jodi spent 6 nights in the hospital. On top of medical bills, prescriptions, copays, ect. Adam and Jodi have missed a lot of work and the bills are adding up. Please make a donation to help Jodi and her new family with their fight against cancer!

Also don’t forget to pray for her!

Father, we ask your complete healing in body, soul, and spirit for Jodi, as well as you abundant provision for their financial needs. Gove her caregivers grace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion, skill, and the proper technology for her treatment. Give her and all who love her grace, peace, strength, faith, hope, and love. Mother Mary and St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for them all. We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • Mary

    So sad. Please, St Aldobrandesca, please heal your sister Jodi.