Your chance to do a work of mercy

Dr. Tom Curran is one of the best lay teachers in the Church. He lives here in Seattle and does phenomenal work. He writes:

I hope you are on the journey to a deeper faith. If not, (or wherever you are on the journey), I invite you to walk along side me as we discover the life-giving treasures available to you in the Catholic faith.

My Life’s Calling

Accompanying Catholics on the journey to a deeper faith is the   call I have on my life and the primary mission of My Catholic Faith Ministries. This email is to encourage you in your journey and to ask for your support as I pursue   the path to which the Lord has called me, my family and My Catholic Faith   Ministries.

What you can do to help

I cannot walk this path alone.   I hope you will   consider making a contribution if you have been touched by this ministry personally, you believe in the   mission, or you want to support me, my family or the $30,000 budget shortfall that we face this summer. When you give you are supporting a ministry that is:

I invite you to walk along side me on this journey to a deeper   faith. I am eternally grateful for your company. If I can be of assistance to   you in any way, please let me know. I, and the staff of this ministry, are   here to serve you on your journey to a deeper faith.

Peace and all good things,

Dr. Tom Curran, Executive Director

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