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Terry Nelson publishes definitive photographic proof of the existence of the Gay Lobby:

Terry has some insightful and humane commentary on Pope Francis’ recent remarks.  Strangely, after the huge contretemps last September, when Fr. Peter West denounced me for saying, well, pretty much exactly what Pope Francis is saying now, I thought it was pretty clear what my views are:

1. I believe the Church’s moral teaching on sex, which is that it’s for heterosexual monogamy and nothing else, including homosex and I have no hesitation in saying so)

2. I don’t think it my job to police the sex lives of homosexuals any more than I think it my job to police Fr. West’s sex life.

3. I also made clear that, like Pope Francis, I don’t think it my job to judge SSA (or as he and I called them “gay” since the term is used to refer to both chaste and sexually active homosexuals) people and believe that there are plenty of SSA folk who live holy and even saintly lives.  All this I made as clear as I could in May 2012, yet weirdly, I am now informed by some comboxers that this approach to the matter is actually a sudden course change on my part necessitated by Francis’ failure to consult the Combox Star Chamber of Inquisitors:

Of course, no one cannot physically control what all the sodomites do behind closed doors.  For one, it would be too disgusting; secondly it would indeed require a sodomy police (as you say), which at this time is non-feasible, although not a bad idea… unless, of course, you also favor the SCOTUS’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas…

But yeah, Mark Shea and other Catholic commentators have, indeed, suddenly changed the tone of their previously loud and clear condemnation of homosexual behavior.

I mean, why on earth did Mark Shea EVEN write the following passage: “I’m not interested in trying to control what you do in your bedroom since it’s, you know, not my business”?

Why?  Because the pope was misquoted by the liberal media when responding to a question which he answered off the cuff, in jest, and rather clumsily (as is his speaking style).  But papal idolatry is a poor excuse to suddenly change one’s previously strong and uncompromising tone on a most crucial and important matter of morality, like homosexuality.

(Remember the homosexuals’ whistles and shouts at the 1973 APA convention?  Oh, maybe you weren’t born… so FYI, that’s when the APA, under bullying pressure, removed homosexuality from the DSM).

Now, notice that Mark Shea wrote the quote above as if he was speaking to a homosexual.  Well, if he were really speaking to a homosexual sinner, he should rather say: “I would urge you to control your sinful behavior even behind closed doors, because, you know, what you do in private really DOES AFFECT SOCIETY AND THE COMMON GOOD FOR THE WORSE.”

And this  is what I deplore so much:

(1) The pope says something clumsily… (2) Liberal vultures jump at the clumsy speech… (3) Faithful Catholic suddenly shake and tremble that — oh dear! — maybe the pope did say something “different” from the previous popes in content and/or in tone (the “tone difference” argument was used by Cardinal Dolan)… (4) And then suddenly the otherwise faithful Catholics start spewing defensive idiocies that “what one does behind closed doors is not my business”…  Yet we all know that immoral behavior has no open or closed doors, and that it always AFFECTS THE COMMON GOOD FOR THE WORSE.

So yes, it SHOULD be our business what people do behind closed doors, even if we do not have all the practical, professional, and/or scholarly experience of the sin in question.  And as Christians, we should be always prepared to offer a defense of the faith; in this case, that homosexuality IS a grave sin (as, incidentally, the Pope actually said very clearly despite his otherwise clumsy style), WHY it is so, and WHAT is needed to be free from it: the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Saints in his Church.

But if Catholic commentators and users on Disqus really think that homosexuality in our neighbor’s bedroom is (suddenly) “none of our business,” then maybe we should all team-up to open a brothel and keep everything that’s going on inside it “behind closed doors” (as brothels already do), and then the activity inside the brothel will be “no one’s business.”

Er, no.  My position is not a course change hastily adopted to justify Pope Francis’ remarks.  I have always thought sodomy laws are stupid and I think the idea of sodomy police crashing into your bedroom to make sure your sexual behavior is up to code is wanting in actuality.  Not every vice should be illegal.  This is not Calvin’s Geneva.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, this person is banned.  Too much crazy.  I’m mortally weary of crazy.  I’ll take 1 Pope Francis, Terry Nelson or Eve Tushnet for a thousand of these “You sodomites are disgusting and I would, in my intense Christian love and mercy, jail or perhaps execute you per Deuteronomy if I could only raise a Squad of Vigilantes to Invade  Your Home to Do it” advocates.  I’m sick of the mercilessness.

  • alishadefreitas

    This person was serious?!? Scary.

  • HermitTalker

    Met Peter West a few times when he preached in FL. weird man. He will never be invited back by my very conservative priest friend who found him all too much. ObSEX sion is a dangerous disease.

  • Sam Schmitt

    “. . . for saying, well, pretty much exactly what Pope Francis is saying now . . . ‘ Well, “pretty much.”

    • chezami

      Explain the difference. As far as I can see, the difference is “Francis said it, so he can’t be calumnied and beaten up on as Fr. West egged on a mob to do with me.”

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I was waiting for a lighthearted post to say this one, Mark.

    I know you don’t put up the specific ads in the sidebar, but if I recall correctly, you might be able to at least make suggestions.

    Lose the auto-playing video ads with sound. Please. They only started a few days ago, and they are profoundly annoying. I like to open each story in a separate tab, and then read them as I go. There is nothing more irritating than having to figure out which tab (or tabs) is playing sound, then scroll all the way to the bottom to shut it off.


    • Beadgirl

      They suck, that’s for sure, but I’ve started blocking each and every one with the little tab on the upper right, and it seems to be cutting down on how often I’m exposed to them.

    • Pavel Chichikov

      Your computer should have a sliding tab at the bottom that will shut off the sound. I use it all the time.

    • Dale

      Andy and Beadgirl, your browser will automatically block all outside ads if you install a browser plug-in called AdBlock Plus. I know it is available if your browser is Firefox, Chrome or Opera. You can find it on the browser’s website or directly from the creators website.

      It is a very popular plug-in. It has been available for several years and is considered both safe and effective.

      • Beadgirl

        I have it, but for some reason it doesn’t always block things (I’ve been meaning to reinstall it for some time to see if that makes a difference). But thanks for the tip.

  • Beadgirl

    People like the banned person make me think that all too often the opposition to homosexual sex has nothing to do with natural law and actual Catholic teaching and everything to do with “ew, icky, get them away from me.”

  • Pavel Chichikov

    I don’t offer personal advice to anyone unless asked for it and I’m sure they aren’t just looking for a fight. What I say is: I believe what the Church believes, and it’s in the Catechism, free on line.

    Having SSA is not sinful – SS activity is. But whether or not someone is committing sin is according to the judgment of a confessor.