Curious About the Franciscan Sisters?

A genuine Franciscan Sister writes:

Was wondering if you would consider this in your blog? The retreat is September 20-22, 2013.

How do you meet a Franciscan Sister? One way is to join us and other discerning women 18-30 at their N.E. Wisconsin Motherhouse for a “Living The Gospel” Discernment Retreat. Bonus: you can also engage in some Franciscan environmental outreach by doing our annual part in the International Coastal Clean Up on the sparkling shores of Lake Michigan. Visit

Maybe you are called to be a Franciscan Sister!

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  • Sister Anne Marie Lom

    Since I live in and love this community, I would warmly welcome you to consider a retreat with us. The beautiful atmosphere of nature and women sincere about living the vowed life will be a blessing to you. Come and see!

  • Jason Hall

    I seriously doubt I am called to be a Franciscan sister.

  • tz1

    I thought we’ve been retreating for a generation.

  • Jennifer Anzalone

    My teenage daughter thinks she is called to religious life. Is there a good website describing the various orders? What should she do first? She is sixteen years old.

    • Sister Julie Ann

      If your daughter is open to meeting Franciscan Sisters face to face, we invite her to Camp Franciscan. Watch for our 2014 dates. She will not only meet Franciscan Sisters, but others her own age who are open to learning more about our life in a fun, spiritually uplifting atmosphere.