Reader Lori Pieper writes…

Reader Lori Pieper writes… August 29, 2013

Hurray! Dancing in the streets and champagne all around for your book launch. Being an author I know how great that is!

Speaking of which, I just happened this very day (August 26) to fulfill a dream of mine over 30 years — to have my translations of the writings of Pope John Paul I out in my own book from my own publishing company. It’s called A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today. Fittingly this happened on the 35th anniversary of his election as Pope back in 1978. I hope the book and short introductory bio will set a lot of things straight about who he was and what he taught. The writings on the faith cover 20 almost years of his life as a bishop, and they should not be missed.

I would love it if you will share the news with your readers. It’s available as an e-book (EPUB and Kindle/mobi) at Tau Cross Books and Media (, and in honor of the anniversary, I will be offering it during the first week of publication for only $3.99.

It should also be on Amazon soon; I hope a print edition will not be too far in the future.

Thanks (and congratulations again).

Check thou it out!

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