Rejoice Death Penalty Zealots!

Rejoice Death Penalty Zealots! August 28, 2013

Nidal Hassan has been sentenced to death! And as we all know, the Church is completely wrong to oppose the death penalty and can be blown off by recourse to that beloved “prudential judgment” thing. So American “prolife” conservatives can relish deadly vengeance justice and still go on talking about the “sanctity of life for each and every (cute) human person” while basically shaking all that off when they feel like it and sneering at the out of touch Magisterium and its panty waist liberal softness on crime. So good to see Real Christians (not those wussy CINOs) lock arms with our brethren in Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Iran, and a dozen other Muslim craphole despotisms on this vital point of resistance to the Magisterium’s woefully wrong teaching.

Suggested reading for all the combox experts Catechism correctors who are certain that the Church has erred in calling for death penalty minimalism and, where possible, abolition.

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