Doctor Who Comments…

on my thoughts about liturgy.

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  • Will

    People have the option to attend either form of the Mass. Why is there a need by some to condemn the other form of the Mass?

  • Tom McDonald

    Love the clip, but he’s just the Doctor; Doctor Who isn’t his name but the name of the show.

    • HornOrSilk

      Doctor Who must be destroyed: He’s been called Doctor Who on the show itself.

      Calling him “The Doctor” or “Doctor Who” is both acceptable. Just like Latin or English is acceptable for the Liturgy.

    • Theodore Seeber

      I thought the name of the Tenth Doctor was John Smith, of Smith & Jones.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        He uses that as an alias pretty regularly.

    • Rachel K

      I assumed Mark meant “This show, Doctor Who,” not “This person, Doctor Who.” Sort of like if he said “Star Trek comments” instead of “Captain Kirk comments.”

  • merkn

    I agree with Will. Same for communion in the hand. Both methods are acceptable why do we have to be critical of those who choose one way over the other.

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    The answer is: we don’t. But we live in an era of increasing touchiness, not just here but in all sorts of milieux.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    On a side note, the Weeping Angels are much scarier than the Daleks or Cybermen. They freak me out.

    • kenofken

      Just be grateful they don’t have a race of evil garden gnomes or clowns (or Goddess forbid, MIMES (deep shudder) as the Doctor’s main enemies!

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Some of us have to think about the minutiae of the Mass for a living. Obviously, like your (great) example of eye doctors, some people have to think about it.

    What we have now is a huge crowd who read something about cataracts on WebMD and are trying to diagnose it everywhere.

  • kenofken

    I’m just going to throw out my roundly-ignored but brilliant casting suggestion for the new Doctor. Jason Statham. I’ve been a loyal fan since the 70s. I don’t think I’m asking too much to see ONE Dalek flogged with a hurling bat!

  • jack morgan
  • John Samms

    I love the doctor and catholic.

  • allissa buchanan

    Hi I am 12 years old and i love watching doctor who my two fav doctors are the 10th and the 11th doctor.