Help a Reader with a Curious Problem

A reader writes:

I’m in my early 30s now but being a cradle Catholic I was confirmed at the usual time – 14 years old, when my faith was rather casual.

At that time, with my grandfather as my sponsor, I took my other, late grandfather’s first name, John, as my confirmation name.  Of course, the only attachment I had to John was via my grandfather — I didn’t pick a particular saint to associate with that name.

Now that I’m older and more serious, I was hoping to attach a particular Saint John to my name and incorporate him into my prayer life.  I know of many good Saints John but on the off chance that your readers might be able to point me to some of the other non-standard Saint Johns (or Blesseds, etc.) I figured a debate over (or at least stories about) various Johns might make interesting combox fodder for your blog.

I’m partial to St. John the Evangelist.

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  • Colleen

    I would say, get a book of saints and pray about it…read the background of the saints and see which one you feel called to. Then, I would go to a near religious store, request a medal of that John, or go on line and get a holy card that you could add to your prayers each day. You will become holy, like the John you chose!

  • mike

    Saint John Bosco

  • Dr. Eric
  • Matthew

    St. John of Avila, New Doctor of the Church and contemporary of St. Teresa

  • capaxdei

    Bl. John of Fiesole would probably count as a non-standard patronal John.

  • Evan

    I also am partial to St. John the Evangelist. But if not him, St. John Fisher is also a great choice.

  • bob

    What John did HE use? Or, celebrate every one that shows up on the calendar. No one gets in trouble for that.

  • Brian

    I went with St. John of Nepomuk for my Confirmation saint:

    As a teen, I also wanted a non-standard John, and admired his courage and fidelity to the kind of matter that most of the world considers trivial.

  • Amfortas

    You had better sort it out quick. All the Johns up there have their names in a ‘book’ and the betting is HOT !

  • Why pick just one St. John? Is there any problem with claiming multiple patrons?

  • Ye Olde Statistiician

    St. John Neumann, 4th bishop of Philadelphia.

  • Rosemarie


    I’m partial to St. John the Evangelist, too, but don’t forget St. John the Baptist. He’s a pretty important figure, being the Precursor of Jesus.

  • Dave

    John the Evangelist is my favorite. But then there’s John Vianney and John Henry Newman (not quite a saint, yet), John Chrystostom, and John of the Cross….tough, tough choice.

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      And the heroic John Fisher, worthy comrade in martyrdom of the great St. Thomas More, and the mountain-moving John Bosco, and John Nepomuk – another valiant martyr, and Blessed John XXIII…

  • Debra

    You might try this search result on Wikipedia– there are lots, many lesser known, and each attached to a link to at least a brief biography. I am sure New Advent has a similar search utility for mor directly faithful info on each. 🙂

  • Deacon Nathan Allen

    St John Kemble, an 80-year-old priest who was martyred in 1679 in England. When they came to take him to the place of execution, St John asked them to wait while he finished his cup of sack and his pipe with the undersheriff.

  • Zippy

    My confirmation saint is St. John the Beloved. I chose him (at age 13 or so I believe) exactly because he referred to himself as “the one Jesus loved”, and I couldn’t think of anything better than that to be.

  • Jared Clark

    St. John the Evangelist is my confirmation saint!

  • Jared Clark

    St. John of God, patron of holy impulsiveness, is another great one

  • Advocate

    John the Baptist; John Chrysostom; (Church Father); John Damascene (Church Father); John of the Cross (Mystic) John of God (Hospitalier); John Nepomucene (Martyr in Defense of the Seal of Confession); John Vianney (Cure d’Ars);

  • John of Gorkum (Cologne), martyred by the Protestants for distributing the Sacraments to the faithful.