Hey! Come to Rome with Me and Fr. Shane “Catholic Ragemonkey” Tharp!

Here’s the scoop on the November 15-23 trip! Sign up before July 30 and it’s le cheap!

If you recall, I had this brainwave: I’m a guy with no money, but lots of knowledge about the Catholic Faith who is working on a novel that that is partly set in Rome and would really like to research it. You guys are, in turn, people who like to learn stuff about the Faith and some of you have always wanted to go to Rome (or return there) . So, I says, says I, suppose I kick in the part I can–knowledge of the Faith–and youse guys kick in the part you can–zeal to go to Rome and learn about the Faith–and somebody who knows about how to set up pilgrimages does their bit by arranging a trip where I and Fr. Shane can be your chaperone/teachers/co-touristas. Voila! Everybody wins! You get a cool pilgrimage to Rome with lots of cool chances to learn stuff about the faith. I get a crack at taking some notes for my novel in my down time. We all get to worship at some of the most beautiful shrines in Christendom. And Italian food! What’s not to love?

Amazingly, one of my readers contacted me and said, “This is totally doable” and have done all the footwork and arrangificating, leading to the cool link above (which you can also see over at the top of the right rail).

The plan is to spend time in Rome and Assisi, see cool and awesome stuff, learn about the Faith (from Fr. Shane and Yr. Obdt. Svt.) and experience the Eternal City’s life and culture. Here’s more of the goods:

• Seven (7) nights accommodations at 4 star Hotels: 2 nights in Assisi and 5
nights in Rome
• Continental Breakfast daily
• Four (4) Dinners, including a Welcome and Farewell Dinner with wine
• Luxury motor coach for airport transfers in Italy and specified sightseeing
• Catholic Tour Escort while in Italy
• Local Guides according to the itinerary
• Sightseeing and entrance fees according to the itinerary
• Daily Mass in unique and historical churches

Plus, of course, I’ll have fun and interesting information on our Faith, as will the gregarious and surprisingly Hugh Laurie-resembling Fr. Shane, who is, as they say, a pistol.

Don’t miss it if you can. Catholics have the best parties. Plus, you may get a yarn featuring the author of the letter to the Hebrews riding dragons in aerial combat with ME-109s out of the deal if all goes well.

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  • thisismattwade

    This is a fantastic opportunity, and it’s a really good price. My wife and I can’t make it, but we went last year for our honeymoon. We took almost exactly this itinerary, but we also stopped in Paris for a couple days. The Eternal City is awesome, and Assisi is a BEAUTIFUL medieval town. The Umbria region is majestic. We’re nostalgic to go back ASAP, and this post isn’t helping!

  • Erin Pascal

    Wow! This sounds amazing. It is a very wonderful opportunity. It’s always an amazing experience to travel and learn new things especially about the Catholic Faith. This is great news. 🙂

  • Mina Milburn

    Genius! If hubby & I hadn’t just gotten back from Rome I’d plan to go with y’all because I know Fr. Shane is over-the-top amazing and your writing indicates Awesome Catholic as well.