I got to hang with Karlo Broussard recently…

when we went to Wenatchee at the beginning of the month. He’s a great guy, a good old Cajun boy who used to play good old Cajun music on the accordion. (He showed me a cool video of his wedding reception with him ripping it up on on the accordion accompanied by then-tiny-teen 11 year old Hunter Hayes, who was a prodigy even then.)

Anyway, God called him to do work as a Catholic evangelist, so he dropped the accordion like Peter dropped his nets and went to work serving God. You can find out more about him here. A great guy and a great servant of God.

One of the things Karlo does is work with Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, whose Magis Center is all about showing the compatibility of faith and reason. I love Fr. Spitzer dearly. The man is a human dynamo with an immense grasp of both the sciences and philosophy. He was the driving force behind the fascinating film “Cosmic Origins” the makes the case for You Know Who creating the universe (it was written, I should mention, by Barbara Nicolosi Harrington).

Karlo has a knack for translating Fr. Spitzer’s Inner German Philosopher and Physicist into plain English. Together they are a terrific team. Check out their stuff!

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  • Sharon

    Thank the Lord for Karlo if he translates Fr Spitzer into plain English. Not being the brightest bulb on the tree I have had to give up on all Fr Spitzer’s programmes on EWTN and Youtube with the exception of Healing the Culture.

  • kirthigdon

    A decade or so ago, my wife and I worked for about a year with Karlo and his then fiancee at Our Lady of Corpus Christi. We went to their wedding, but subsequently we’ve been out of touch. Great to hear that Karlo is still doing such good work in evangelization.
    Kirt Higdon