It is immensely gratifying to me that the human race has produced The Four Squeezins

The sheer gratuitous divine grace behind the creation of these two men is somehow evidence of the love of God to me.

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  • bear

    I can’t wait to hear their 1812 Overture.

  • Brian

    That was…they should have sent a poet.

    • chezami

      This wins the internet.

  • Joe

    That is awful.

    • said she

      Awful that they thought of it. Awful that they discussed it. Awful that they agreed to do it. Awful that the rehearsed it, and awful that they still decided to proceed. Awful that they recorded it. Awful that they posted it. Awful that they advertised it. Awful that Mark shared it.

      Awful in its awfullness. Awfully amusing. Thanks, Mark!

  • Dan F.

    that may be worse than the Star Wars Christmas special…