Two High Profile Suicides

are being discussed over at the Register.

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  • Jim D

    I was put off by this article as I read the suicide note I could not accept that his view distorted by his sickness was a true representation of what happened. Also you seemed to credit selfish evil intentions to the Bush/Chaney administration which does not line up with my understanding of who these people are. I feel that maybe you got caught up in a strong emotional response sympathetic to this young man’s condition. I am truly saddened that he ended up in such a state whether validly caused by his military duties and his conscience or perhaps from his physical injuries.

  • jdrman

    Self harm is now the number one cause of traumatic death among all adults in the US totaling more than war, motor vehicle accidents and natural disasters combined. Our secular culture has lost faith, hope and charity and is killing itself and being a soldier (I can speak first hand since I am one) does not increase your risk of offing yourself. Your conclusions and “blame Bush” rhetoric are what I’ve come to expect from you but you seem to be unaware of the statistics regarding suicide—everyone is killing themselves.