Australia: Making Child Murder Pay

A reader sends this along:

SA Health has advised women having late-term abortions they can claim thousands of dollars in Centrelink payments for a “stillborn” baby.
Parents whose babies survive an abortion procedure, but die at birth, may also be able to claim benefits for parenting and bereavement.
Centrelink requires a doctor’s letter certifying that a stillborn baby was “delivered”, in order for the parents to claim the Baby Bonus of up to $5000, or paid parental leave of $622 per week for 18 weeks.

But the South Australian Health Department has advised patients having late-term abortions that they can apply for the parenting benefits.

Maybe we can start cannibalizing people for their gold fillings and hair too. Why should all that murder go to waste when you can turn a handsome profit from it?

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  • D.T. McCameron

    Let’s at least aspire to a modicum of professionalism when it comes to butchering children. No sense in being sloppy.
    I’m torn. Anything to set them back I’m usually for, but this might just inspire the abortionists to be more thoroughly lethal.

  • Athelstane

    I hope and pray that the incoming Abbott government – which claims to be pro-life – takes action to stop this.

    This is, indeed, perverse.