Grateful Syrians Can Hardly Wait for Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Rain Death from Above

Of course, they are just Christians, and the one constant of our Mideast policy is the destruction of the Church.

Meanwhile, here in America, more disloyal Syrian Christians question our just and wise Leader, even as a foreign potentate undermines America’s campaign to bring salvation through democratic capitalist bombing.

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  • kirthigdon

    Let’s all get on board with Pope Francis for prayer and fasting for peace in Syria this coming Saturday. Meantime, call and/or write your Congress critters to oppose Obama’s blank check for war resolution – even if it gets modified to be more specific than it now is. Interesting note – Rep. Justin Amash, an orthodox Christian who is the only member of the House of Syrian ancestry, is leading the Republican anti-war side in the House of Representatives.
    Kirt Higdon

    • who is the only member of the House of Syrian ancestry

      I totally read that as “the House of Syrian Ancestry”, and thought, “How cool is that?”

    • missmissy68

      I wrote to Barbara Mikulski. She is a Catholic, ultra-liberal Maryland Senator. I write to her often. Her replies back to me are normally, “Thanks for contacting me, but I completely oppose and disagree with everything you’re talking about. Have a nice day. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.” I asked her to join me in fasting & praying for peace. I will try to remember to post her reply here when I get it back.

  • meunke

    U!! S!! A!! U!! S!! A!! U!! S!! A!!

  • Steve

    I just hope that if this bombing does go through -it probably will, unfortunately- it will be uneventful and not lead to anything. I actually doubt that this will seriously escalate beyond this, mostly because I don’t think it’s actually possible for Obama to be that stupid.

  • ivan_the_mad
    • kirthigdon

      Indeed it is!
      Kirt Higdon

  • jacobus

    “the one constant of our Mideast policy is the destruction of the Church.”

    And any non-Sunni group.

    The Saudis run our foreign policy now, and they hate all non-Sunnis.

    • Plus a few Sunni groups- the Muwahiddun are Sunni derived.

  • ivan_the_mad
    • kirthigdon

      Boehner is another Catholic politician who’d rather stand with Obomber than with Pope Francis. The same can be said of Biden and Pelosi. I’ll be interested to see how my own representative, Blake Farenthold, goes on this. He too is Catholic. I’ve already emailed him, will call later today.
      Kirt Higdon

  • Gabriel Blanchard

    For a split second I thought this was an Onion headline.

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    We’re gonna free the shit out of them.