I’m Sure Glad I Find It a Breeze to Obey This Commandment

As a Living Saint, this commandment from our Lord just comes naturally to me. I scarcely need to think about it, so full of natural charity am I. I don’t think I’ve ever broken it, much less thought about breaking it.

Also, I have visited Alpha Centauri personally.

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  • geek

    I really like BlimeyCow. While they aren’t Catholic, they explain the problems of the world with such enthusiasim that they’re just fun to watch. I highly encourage anyone reading this to subscribe to their YouTube channel or their Facebook page.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    It’s easier to pray for enemies who are far away than the ones you see every day. Now, we want to hear all about that Alpha Centauri trip–with pictures.

  • wlinden

    If a man hates his neighbor whom he has seen, how can he love the Iraqis whom he has not seen?

    • CJ

      You obviously haven’t seen *my* neighbors

      • Mike

        “The Bible tells us to love our neighbours, and also to love our enemies, probably because they are generally the same people.”

        -G.K. Chesterton (Illustrated London News, July 16, 1910)

  • KM

    But if I love my enemies, then I’m forced to “love” liberals. That’s a step too far for me! And “loving” liberals might make me a liberal by association.

    (Note: the above is tongue-in-cheek.)

  • Jay

    Mark Shea wit + Blimey Cow wit = supernova of stunning sarcasm