Kaitlin Finn is trying to Help the Single Mom of 11

She writes:

I am working on helping Kristen (the woman from 11onmyown) with her Christmas gifts this year. I was wondering if you could help gather funds or people to get specific items, or had ideas on how to do that? My/my husbands’ blog and facebook aren’t quite as popular as yours. I have a list from Kristen but do not have the financial ability to get them all myself, and your following is *slightly* larger than mine. Thoughts?

I think any readers who want to help should go to your blog you guys can work it out.

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  • Mary Cambridge

    i feel for anyone who is trying to feed their family, I have been in that situation..although not with so many children. However, I visited her blog today to see that she has taken her kids on a horseback riding excursion. Sorry, that is not a necessity..I know my parents could not afford such a thing. If you are struggling to feed your kids, then you do not do such a thing. And if you are asking for assistance, then you certainly do not spend money on frivolities. HMMOG..this is total nonsense. I lived in poverty with my parents. We had food and shelter and clothing (not new). If you need help..then yes, the Catholic community should help..but it is total insanity that we should struggle and give money so that your children should have such things as horseback riding? Really? I am giving money to CRS..but this is such a first world issue..

    There are people who are struggling to feed their kids..we should give generously. But so that kids can have fun on horseback? Nothing wrong with it if you can afford it..I love horses. But do not ask for people to give you money for such a first world thing. How dare you?

    • Heather

      What makes you think she paid for this outing with money she received from subscribers/benefactors? I don’t know her personally, but I’ve been following her blog and know that at least a couple of her older children have been working on a farm recently – maybe this is where they have been working? My guess would be they paid much less than one normally would for this kind of event, and plus the three oldest of her children are grown and married now and likely helped cover the cost for their sister’s birthday party.

      A few pages previously on the blog, there are pictures of them playing in a “bouncy house.” The caption notes it was brought over by a friend who sets them up on weekends. Another birthday notes a boy turning 15 going to play paintball (taken out by his brothers, friends, and a future brother-in-law).

      Just because the family has very little money doesn’t mean that they can’t or shouldn’t find ways to do special things together. There are pictures of them going out and doing things as a family over the course of the summer, but I’ve noted that they are things like free outdoor concerts or going to the beach. These bright spots are sprinkled in amidst posts about her schooling and asking for advice on how to further trim her budget.

      If there was a “girls day out” horse riding party I’m quite confident it wasn’t the result of frivolous spending.

    • chezami

      Children having fun is pretty awful. Only Dickensian urchinhood for children will do.