Your Chance to Do a Work of Evangelization

I hope this email finds you well. You probably receive a lot of request to blog about certain topics/projects so I will keep this short and sweet. We are working on producing the FIRST ever motion picture to originate from a Catholic parish (see our national press coverage below) and we would love if you could blog about us this week and our mission with this project. We have lunched a Kickstarter campaign and have ONLY 16 days to go in an effort to get the ball rolling on our project. Our Kickstarter page has a video and bullet points on why this film project is unique.

News coverage from Zenit!

We think ‘Five Blocks Away’ is a great story for you to blog about for these reasons:

  • First motion picture to originate from a Catholic Parish
  • Fresh take for young adults
  • Relevant to today’s society
  • Great talent in place

Here is some of the Press Coverage we received a year ago as we launched the idea fort this project:

National Catholic Register

Catholic News Agency
The Marietta Daily Journal
The Catholics Next Door
The Deacon’s Bench: a blog connected to
Red Ruby Slippers

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!

God bless,

Kevis Antonio

Looks like something worth supporting!

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  • Fred Wallack

    When is this Kickstarter “luncheon” happening again JK God bless!