Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy!

A reader writes:

I’m a fairly regular reader.  I was hoping you could point your readers to my brother Mike’s blog, and his particular post linked here, about a boy named Jonah.

Mike and his wife are missionaries in Kijabe, Kenya – through World Harvest Mission. Mike is an orthopaedic surgeon who is helping Kenya develop its first generation of homegrown orthopeadic surgeons, and Ann (whose background is in international development), is helping Kijabe Hospital move into the 21st Century.

Jonah needs some donations for his life-saving (and life-changing surgery).  Mike’s blog post tells the story, and in addition adds some very hopeful color regarding the people of Kenya’s response to the recent horrific terroris attack in Nairobi.  He and Ann are my heroes, and better Christians than I will ever be.

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  • Kathleen M. Ritter

    Thank you for posting this, Mark!