A reader remarks on Reformation Sunday

She writes:

I had a bit of a thought regarding Reformation Sunday, which is rapidly approaching (it’s this Sunday), which I thought I’d share with you. This day saddens me greatly, as a day which marks the beginning of a deep wound to the unity of the Church.

Since I think prayer for Christian unity is something we could all be doing a lot more of, I thought this time of year might be rather appropriate. Obviously Sundays are not a day for fasting, so I was thinking it’d be great to encourage people to pray and fast for Christian unity particularly on the day preceding, this Saturday 26th October.

My initial thoughts were posted here:

Anyway, my point in writing to you is that you often share stuff from readers, and it would really be nice if it wasn’t just me praying, and I knew I had some company, so I thought it’d be a good way to spread the word a bit, if you think it worth sharing.

Thanks for great work you do for the Church. Your blog is great, and while I’m writing to you, I should probably let you know that your book Making Senses out of Scripture was really helpful to me when I started doing Scripture subjects in my Theology studies last year. So thank you!!

God bless your devotion!

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