California: Pioneering the Way to Getting Rid of “Safe”…

…from the old “safe, legal, and rare” dodge for excusing abortion they used to toss around during the Clinton years. Jerry Brown (another triumph of Jesuit education) signs into law a bill permitting non-physician abortions. Because as Kermit Gosnell demonstrated, what the abortion industry really needs is to add to the already unregulated butchery industry a bunch of unsupervised Leo Spacemans.

We can all look forward to the establishment of the first “Leo’s Reproductive Clinic and Auto Detailing Shoppe” in Sacramento.

Welcome to the “What could it hurt?” phase of California history.

Meanwhile, at Santa Clara University, the Prez commits major ungoodthink against the abortionista hive mind by dropping health insurance coverage of elective abortions for the Catholic university’s faculty and staff. When they said they should have a “choice” to murder their children they most certainly did not mean that they should have to pay for that choice. That’s supposed to be somebody else’s money. And somebody else’s Catholicism. Not the faculty and staff.

Any Catholic parent who sends their kid to Santa Clara is begging for apostate children–like Jerry Brown.

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