Everything is Under Control

A bit rude, particularly at the beginning, but still hilarious:

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  • Dan F.

    when the court jester is the only one (of the media) speaking the truth…

  • B

    Can’t see the video…says it is blocked

  • Clare Krishan

    Indulging in sarcasm as mental health break – ok I’ll grant you we need that about now. But this isn’t funny for those personally affected. Our American claim to global exceptionalism (dollar reserve currency status so we can borrow the money to pay for this mess) is being totally undermined by such exhibitions of dysfunction — bugs in stateist-market-creation for sale of private health insurance — is highly alarming to those of us who are schooled in quality assurance and have experience of risks in real world economics. This isn’t mere buffoonery, this is real life for many of the most vulnerable people in our so-called commonwealth. The benefits seem to accrue to those least in need (some estimate IT vendors earned $200 million — enough to cover costs of a lifetime of healthcare coverage for many of our 48 million uninsured) “At $200 an hour, that would be a million man hours, 5,000 man years. I don’t think they had time to use 5,000 man years. So I don’t know where the money went. I don’t know what these people were doing. There’re not that many web pages. I don’t get it! Where’d the money go?”http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/23754228/experts-stunned-at-cost-for-healthcaregov-website-development

    N.b. the SEC recently fined a Wall Street market maker $12million for its botched roll-out of a financial service that lost the company $172,000 a second and nearly tanked the financial markets:

    “27. On August 1, Knight did not have supervisory procedures concerning incident response. More specifically, Knight did not have supervisory procedures to guide its relevant personnel when significant issues developed. On August 1, Knight relied primarily on its technology team to attempt to identify and address the SMARS problem in a live trading environment.”

    Question to the room: what Federal agency has equivalent authority to the SEC for the juridical persons tasked with fiduciary responsibility to their individual subscribers purchasing health insurance, to whom we may seek redress for gross malfeasance of data protection (these guys have access to EVERYONE’s IRS tax data and private records? Let that settle in people… these goof balls are playing with your private info … online … where all kinds of malware could hijack it….!!!

    If there is no such body, why not? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes as Plato would say.

    Why do our taxes go to protect the ‘health’ of juridical persons at the SEC (and subsequently in the courts) but not that of incarnate persons whose infinitely precious lives are at stake? Justice, whose justice? (H/T ND’s Alasdair McIntyre)

    God Bless John Stewart for calling out the insanity of the inhumanity on display here…. yet Lord have mercy on us for the consequences of our own stupidity…

  • Clare Krishan

    FYI, for your readers reference (apparently my “$200 million” quote was a low-ball estimate): “Half a billion for a website is double what Facebook raised in investor capital before it went public.” http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/10/21/1249365/-The-HealthCare-gov-fiasco
    CGI is a so-called “Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity” or ID/IQ, contractor – Wow! Can I have one of those please as my health-care provider? in other words I never define what services or when I need them, but you’re obliged to pay for them whenever and whatever I say needs to be done…!!! Great work if you can get it in today’s economy…


    and giving them access to all your personal data BEFORE they tell you the cost (what other vendor would you indulge with such impertinence, its worse than being at a Tupperware party where you know you can’t leave until you’re willing to purchase the lowest item in the catalog – just show me the price-list people!) that’s where the rubber hits the road and came to a screeching halt… “Subsidy verification created a traffic bottleneck”

  • Clare Krishan

    Final gasp of exasperation for the day: apparently now you CAN peruse the costs first “The government has now tweaked the website’s home page so visitors can view phone numbers to apply the old-fashioned way or window-shop for insurance rates without registering first.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2473043/Obamacare-website-Sebelius-said-President-unaware-problems-AFTER-launch.html
    however don’t cheer yet: it would appear that the IRS may not be legally allowed to grant subsidies in States that don’t run exchanges and that the ‘affordable’ part of this federal mandate may be a bit of a misnomer if you don’t get to deduct anything from the sticker-shocking financial service after all but still get “taxes” if you can’t afford it (ie you havn’t the means to pay for one (insurance policy) but the govt, expects you to pay for the other (their fine for your being unable to enjoy the benefits of the so-called ‘affordable’ healthcare act)… duh!
    that still doesn’t guarantee you healthcare, just limited access to a healthcare provider network. If you’re sick don’t assume you can visit the local hospital nearest to you, no. Rather you must arrange transport to the doctors at the site that accepts your Govt. mandated payment plan… even if its an hour away:
    “In New Hampshire, the exchange has just Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which greatly reduces the number of hospital options, says State Sen. Andy Sanborn. Since more than 90% of doctors are affiliated with specific hospitals, the new plans will also exclude many doctors, he added. Plans don’t include the capital’s Concord Hospital, and the next-closest hospital uses Concord doctors, Sanborn said. So, he said, people will have to drive to a third hospital an hour away. They’ll even have to call an ambulance from a far-away hospital to pick them up, he said. ‘There’s an absolute outcry of people at this point,’ he said.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/20/little-competition-insurers-some-states-obamacare-plans/2986795/

    • TopRahamic

      Literally thousands of labor hours and hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on “upgrading” so that people could simply view insurance prices on this website.

      The tragic, unbelievable absurdity is almost exquisite.

      • Clare Krishan

        Well we join the millions of uninsured as of Dec 31st – we got our letter telling us our policy is being “discontinued” IOW our free-market contract with our private financial service provider is now *banned* by law as inadequate for our healthcare…. permitting us the ineviable liberty and democratic privilege to be the judge I suppose of what is ‘adequate under the law’ and can seek our own health-care willy nilly with whatever money we have left even if we can’t (so we’re illegally inadequate and taxably unfeasible ????)


        This is so mindbogglingly screwy I can’t comprehend it — we will NOT purchase Healthcare that pays for some one else to consume services I do not want (and at my age no longer scientifically- speaking could ever feasibly be a candidate for or a medical necessity to disregard for a moment their perversity) since they are morally objectionable acts and I don’t ever plan on acting in a morally objectionable way nor require anyone to pay for me to do so ie I do not plan on consuming any such elective product or service at any “price”… on any “market” so I don’t require a corporate middleman (socialized payment-plan merchandised as quasi-insurance) to cover for me, however “affordable” they are, thank you very much…. I will subscribe to Christian medical cost-sharing plan and apply for waiver-eligibility that such members enjoy.

        But I thank the Lord for putting me in this predicament to allow me to share the experience of the many who have toiled under this sham for so long – contrary to what Ross Douthat and other GOP pundits claim, we do not have a free-market healthcare system in the USA. We have a tax-free in-kind-salary-benefit system implemented in the early twentieth century to avoid depressing the economy by increasing wage inflation the govt permitted firms to offer pensions and healthcare indirectly rather than directly the money to pay for them. The sooner that is condemned as supremely unjust and undemocratic the better. In a free market, welfare provisions for lifetime care should be freely-transportable by the subscriber NOT the provider or their subcontractors. The reason we are not being offered such a politically game-changing option IMHO is because it could shrink the fees so dramatically and unleash such broad ‘creative destruction’ competition it would serioulsy rock the boat in Wall Street and commercial shores far beyond our own, impacting the ‘cushy’ players ensconced in this sector of the economy (20%) rather like rent-seeking inkjet printer company’s putting wee microprocessor chips on their cartridges to prevent you sourcing them globally EVEN tho’ they operate globally, we may not?!! As any ‘deflation’ of a thing’s price, any expenditure lowering would mean a lowering of the government’s take on that economic activity aka taz revenues would drop — meaning absent cut-your-coat-according-to-cloth Aristotolean-Thomistic rational prudential means-based pursuit of ends — and imply more deficit spending in a dangerous spiral of foisting the consequences of our malfeasance on our children’s children. This is the absolute folly of FIAT QE ZIRP monetary policy – we are enslaved to a perverse-incentivized financial system of moral hazard instead of the other way around moral anti-fragile stability, the incentives should exist to SERVE us and our human needs….
        ‘O God, be merciful to me a sinner’ (prayer of this Sunday’s Gospel’s tax collector http://www.usccb.org/bible/lk/18:13)
        p.s. forgive me rationing my periods in that last harangue!

  • Comraderie

    How did this get outsourced to a Canadian company? I can’t help but think this debacle must really infuriate out of work American IT developers? Yes indeed, everything is under control. One thing for sure, we’ve all been made comrades in this mess together!