Ew! and Cool!

Foot long whale ear wax plugs tell us about whale’s life and about environmental pollutants.

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  • Newp Ort

    No pictures of the ear wax. Very disappoint.

    • Margaret

      Seriously!! I only clicked through for the eeeew factor of actually seeing the ear wax. 😀

      Since their paper was published they’ve been getting offers of whale
      earwax specimens, called plugs,from around the world. “We’re going to
      receive one hopefully this week that’s about three and a half feet long
      from a bowhead whale from Barrow, Alaska,” Trumble said.
      And eeew again. “Here– let me share some WHALE EAR WAX with you!”

  • anna lisa

    Well I’m a little more worried about the mercury and DDT than the eww factor–especially since my kids and I grew up on the beaches it was killed off of. The other thing I’m worried about is the surge of Great White sightings. My daughter’s friend took a cell phone picture of three, from the cliffs of UCSB. In general, there is FAR more sea life off the coast now. The oil spill in the 60s and the DDT had a terrible impact. (but hey–no sharks) Now we see lots of dolphins, seals, otters, and Pelicans.