Many Post-Moderns Have the Intellectual Equivalent of a Tapeworm in their Minds

You can present them with the most information rich environment in the world but, because they have never learned to think, or because they have been taught they are the smartest generation in history and need pay no attention to their stupid ancestors, or because they have been taught to pay attention only to trivial information about movie stars and pop music and sports scores, you can ask them questions like “What was Auschwitz?” and they don’t have a clue. In many cases, you can even get them to be *proud* that they don’t have a clue by getting them to believe that learning to think or be educated is “liberal” or “acting white” or “phallocentric” or “Eurocentric”. It matters little which Hated Other you use as an excuse for making yourself stupid and ignorant. All that matters is that you actively cooperate with the project of making yourself stupid and ignorant.

Such a people is ripe for tyranny. And for another Auschwitz.

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