Ruling Class Continues Treating Troops…

…like pawns and lab rats. And what they do to the troops in their absolute power, they long to do to the rest of us, since they are convinced they know what’s best and that they deserve the total control over us they already enjoy over our troops.

People can only take so much. Our Ruling Class are scum and radically unworthy of the troops who serve them and us. So how on earth is it “realistic” to keep re-electing such swine? Think different. Vote for who you actually want, not for who is “electable”.

"thanks for the links to the Forward and Haaretz. i hadan't seen those."

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  • There aren’t enough worthy people to staff any government system and a large number of them are quite sensible and want nothing to do with government service. While a focus on virtue would improve the caliber of swine, it is unavoidable that we are going to be ruled by swine most of the time. This is why systemic restraints like the division and balance of power are so important. We are all fallen.

  • Obpoet

    For a ship veering off course, I would suggest turning the helm one degree at a time, not dropping a sea anchor the size of a gnat.