Star Trek Continues: The Pilgrim of Eternity

This is nifty. New Original Series episodes made by fans. I’l watch anything where the guy playing Kirk is named “Vic”.

Plus, Jimmy Doohan’s kid playing Scotty! Jimmy Doohan lived not far from me in Woodinville, WA, God rest his soul. I can ride my bike over there from my house on the Burke-Gilman trail!

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  • FrShane Ian Tharp

    And Sulu is played by Grant Imahara from Mythbusters

  • Jonathan

    Very cool! I wasn’t aware of this one. From the name “Farragut Films,” it looks like this is from the same group that put together “Starship Farragut” (, which I knew about but never did watch all of their episodes.

    • spfx

      They are related. Same sets and non-profit involved…different funding. Farragut Films ran out of money and another group came in to pick up where they left off…different characters, though. I wish they had continued with the USS Farragut storyline. It was very good.

  • FrShane Ian Tharp

    Oh my gersh, that was grreat

  • quasimodo

    the computer sounds a bit like Councilor Troi

    • spfx

      The actor who portrayed her IS the computer voice. Cool, eh?

  • quasimodo

    it is Marina Sirtis as the computer

  • Jared Clark

    For anime fans, Vic is a major voice actor (Edward Elric is probably his most famous role)