That site about the “earth-shaking” NASA Announcement is a Phishing site

I’ve taken down the link. Don’t go there. And warn your friends. My apologies for being a sucker.

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The Certainly-Not-Fake-Named Reynaldo Pedregon writes:
Marian Chant for the Month of May
Tennessee Senator Denies 280,000 People Health Care
  • faithandfamilyfirst

    It’s odd that NASA needs my social security number, banking information, and credit card numbers. I guess it’s okay. They promised to be careful with it.

    • Dale

      FaithandFamilyFirst, I think it has to do with the government shut down. NASA is simply helping the NSA collect information during the financial pinch.

    • lucifer42069666

      WELL WHICH IS IT?????? WHAT DO YOU PUT FIRST???? FAITH OR FAMILY????????????????????????????????????????

  • Boobmaster