When Last We Heard from the Wonderfully Fertile Brain of Julian Ahlquist

…he was demonstrating, with geometric logic, that the Star Wars saga is actually an allegory for the history of the Second Vatican Council.  No one can argue with this, I believe.  He deserves a combined Templeton/Nobel Prize for this blog post alone.

However, not content to rest on his laurels, he continues to give the world fresh insights.  He writes:

Hope you’re doing well.  I was just wondering if you could post a link to my new website:


(yep, I own thomism.org somehow)

So, far there’s only one page on it so far but a good one (the homepage automatically will redirect to: http://www.thomism.org/atheism/atheist_logic.html), namely a long list of “syllogisms” I’ve written that make fun of typical atheist arguments.  It’s the opposite of what some atheists (namely “Godless Geeks”) did to theistic arguments (http://www.godlessgeeks.com/LINKS/GodProof.htm).  I think it shall not fail to amuse.

Much appreciated.  God bless.

Julian, like all the rest of the Ahlquist clan, never fails to delight, educate and amuse.  My hope is that the dude who writes the WWJTD blog here on Patheos (who seems to have a somewhat stalkerish fascination with my blog) will take his herd of independent minds who all affirm each other in their okayness by denouncing me and head on over to Julian’s, where they can have the novel experience of seeing someone using his intellect and not merely worshipping it (as they habitually do).

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