When People are Running Around Defending the Church from Pope Francis

it’s only fitting that somebody should defend Pope Francis from the defenders.

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Happy Creation Day!

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Refreshing! Mr. Doino is to be commended.

    “Like Benedict, he will prove a treasure to the Church. He is a man of great faith and compassion, truly humble, and completely devoted to Our Lord. Let us pray for him.” Indeed!

  • George

    Most people who worry about the Pope seem to be overly concerned with misinterpretation. It doesn’t make sense. To worry about how the NYT will interpret the words of Francis, and to expect the Pope to temper and construct his speech to avoid giving the NYT something to gnaw at, is to put more faith in the power of the words of The Editorial Board of The New York Times than in the words of the Vicar of Christ.

    Let Pope Francis speak. I’m not worried about misinterpretation. The NYT has no true power.