Ancilla Domini…

continues her post-abortion walk.

"no small percentage of them, yes."

I have been and remain leery ..."
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Andrew McCabe’s Statement on His Firing
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I have been and remain leery ..."

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  • Steve

    She’s rather hard on that video. The central message of the video is that the child is alive and abortion is the ultimate child-abuse. If someone walks away from it saying, “Wow, abortion is really unfair to the child” then it is a success.

    • Infinite Grace

      Steve, yes, I am quite hard on it. I get what the main goal of the video is – it’s just from my point of view as someone who has had an abortion. It’s not as black and white in every case. But, if it does change a heart then that’s a good thing. Same with the graphic images used, etc., I have all the same issues with those. But, it hasn’t stopped me yet!

      • Steve

        I can understand how a post-abortive woman could be unsettled by the video. It doesn’t seem to be made with a person from your perspective in mind. Rather, I’d think it’s more directed toward people who’ve never given a single thought to the humanity of pre-born children.

        It’s not a perfect video. No form of communicating is. Myself, I wish the hypothetical kid had mentioned the father. I appreciate your ministry and your efforts to share your story with the public.