Exalted Felicitations of the Weekend!

Pilgrim’s Progress: In which we contemplate the ironies of the Pilgrim Adventure as it played out through American history.

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Today, because of the courage of ..."
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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Most excellent, Sir.

  • Dave G.

    Puritanism certainly had its issues. Though I always admired the pilgrims. It’s no easy thing to give it all up for faith. Would that I had that much spunk. Of course puritans tend to get a bad wrap. Many confuse puritanism with Victorianism a few ages later. This article was one of the better takes, because it remembers puritans weren’t a bunch of prudes who hated happiness. They approached a rather acetic life, which isn’t exactly something unheard of in Catholic history. They would enjoy a beer or a nice feast as well. The main point was their no quarter approach to anything that hinted at Catholicism. And, as this article points out, it’s funny how that changed over the generations – as it always does.

    • Dave G.

      That’s a bad rap by the way.