Has Obama Ever Taken Responsibility for Anything Bad Ever?

If it’s not Sebellius brazenly looking down her now ten foot long Pinocchio nose and declaring, “‘I would suggest the website has never crashed“, it’s Obama’s ridiculous attempt to somehow pin the disastrous rollout on Mitt Romney, which even Mediaite rolls its eyes at.  The president, who somehow was never apprised of the implosion of the rollout, nor kept in the loop as the NSA spied on everybody with a pulse–but who still insists on his godlike power to indefinitely detain and murder anybody he pleases–is the ne plus ultra in Baby Boomer wish fulfillment narcissism, where all credit for good accrues to him and all responsibility for bad is due to Mean People who threaten his self esteem.  Memo to my generation: you’re in your 50s.  Grow the hell up.

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