Jesus vs. FOX, FOX vs. Atheists

Jesus: Give to him who begs from you, and do not refuse him who would borrow from you. (Matthew 5:42)

FOX: You’re an enabler!

By the way, that whole “If a man will not work, he shall not eat” thing? That is not directed at the poor. It’s directed at people within the household of the Church. Outside the Church, as we encounter the beggar in the world our marching orders come from Jesus–not FOX.

On the other hand, gotta give FOX credit for going after the human toothaches known as humanists, who hunt around for ways to kill parties in the name of a sort of puritanical godlessness that proclaims an empty universe while retaining all the lemon-lipped scolding New England charmlessness of a bitter old maid in a John Ford western.  Here’s Megyn Kelly talking to some killjoy busybody who got a toy drive for poor kids cancelled in order to save them from the horrors of YouKnowWhomas.

Megyn Kelly to militant atheist: “Now that you’ve managed to cancel the [Christmas Child] program to help the needy children, what exactly is your humanist group doing to help those children?”

Athiest: Well, we’re an advocacy group, not a charity group, and we do engage in charity from time to time…

Megyn: So nothing? … You have saved those children from a Constitutional violation, and that will be a warm comfort to them on Christmas morning.

Nothing daunted, the actual parents of the kids in the school like the toy drive idea and took matters into their own hands and out of the hands of this Napoleon Dynamite with a mean streak.

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