This girl is nine years old! What a set of pipes!

God protect her from the forces of corporate power and greed that would turn her into some Cyrus/Lohan train wreck. Give her strong parents with heads screws on straight and hearts that desire her good as a person and not her utility has a commodity. Help her give all the glory to God.

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  • James H, London

    Die stem van een engeltje!

    Amen to that, Mark! She didn’t just hit those high notes, she blasted them to bits!

  • orual’s kindred

    The filler tunes played afterward were a bit painful to listen to >.<

    And yes, may she and all other young, talented people receive good guidance and protection against corporate power and greed!

  • hyraxsyriacus

    God also protect her from her voice teacher, who has clearly let her take on repertoire far beyond what is safe or appropriate for a girl her age.

    • Michelle

      Actually, according to news reports, she didn’t yet have a voice teacher at the time of her performance (although no doubt they are throwing themselves at her parents’ feet now). Incredibly, she taught herself through YouTube tutorials. So, hopefully, a voice teacher will gently instruct her that her voice is not yet mature enough to take on these kind of operatic pieces until she is professionally trained.

      • hyraxsyriacus

        I hope that’s the case!

      • Curmudgeonly Opera Fan

        Opera singers are not made via YouTube.

        No nine-year-old should be singing about throwing herself into the Arno for love (even if the character doesn’t really mean it), and this one doesn’t seem to understand she’s singing a comic aria.

        This child needs to be in her church choir for a few more years and she needs a teacher who will keep her away from what inevitably seems to happen to these preternaturally talented young people: vocal nodes, poor technique, and fading into obloquy before she’s 20.

        She has some native ability. I hope it’s nurtured and not exploited.