Day 4 of the Tin Cup Rattle

Many thanks to those of you who have been so kind to us!  We Sheas deeply appreciate it!

Very briefly, if you appreciate what I do here, please plink some shekels in the donate button over there on the right rail and help us out of our current rather dire financial straits.

I am, as ever, occupying myself with productive work this winter.  But it’s work that will not pay fully till it’s published.  Meanwhile, my children keep expecting food *every day*.  And Obama continues to need my money to buy him artillery to continue our drone strikes on women and children (plus who will continue the important work of keeping our troops on food stamps if not our rich Congresscritters, who require a constant supply of taxpayer funded champagne and caviar?).  So I will shortly be bled again for the sin of being self-employed.  That and the multiple giant insurance bills took a huge bite. And our freezer is dead and our car on life support. And Christmas is coming. So I’m not kidding when I say we are, as ever, tight on filthy lucre and really do appreciate any help keeping the wolf from the door. I’m pulling all nighters and biting my nails. Not super fun.

As ever, if you want something for your donation, please check out the books and A/V materials I have created for your reading, listening, and viewing pleasure.  And if you like them (or this blog, don’t hesitate to invite me to come speak for you.  I have many happy folk who will report their pleasurable happiness at having done so and I can give you references, if you would like to talk to a happy happy former listening-to-me-speak folk.

Oh, and if you’d rather send me a check than deal with PayPal, just email me and I’ll send you my snailmail address.

"Sometimes the "Oh wow!"-ness of the experience is sufficient unto itself....enjoyed tagging along!"

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  • MI Will

    I’d like to help but our conservative legislature and governor put a tax on the pensions of me and my wife, doubled our health insurance premiums, reduced a state property tax credit so we no longer qualify, and eliminated deductions on the state income tax for donations to universities and public foundations. When he campaigned for office a few years ago, the governor said he was for “shared sacrifice”.

    • Mark Shea

      By all means, don’t. I don’t want anybody suffering hardships on my account.

  • Mark, just bought a book from your book site… and then after wrapping up the order and hitting send, noticed it was a book you didn’t write… facepalm…

    Hoping you get a stipend anyway…

  • Advocatus Diaboli

    Rick, Don’t worry, by the time it gets to you, Mark will have written it. 😉

  • Are you still in the Mystic Monk Coffee affiliate program? I was looking for the badge but couldn’t find it.

  • HornOrSilk

    In honor of your Star Wars: The Christmas Special postings in the past… there is this odd Star Wars film to show everyone (warning, I’ve not seen it, only the trailer, and it might have some risky language in it):