Even Ted Talks Knows that Overpopulation Agitprop is Bunk

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  • Steve

    That was interesting. Also interesting was the times at which people chose to clap. I was vaguely weirded out by that,

    • Silly Interloper

      Yeah. Yay for less children!!!

  • Eric Postma

    I wouldn’t put it quite the way you do Mark. False, yes, But they keep talking aobut the relative lack of babies as a good thing. Not really a vindication of the Church’s teaching. in fact a vindication of the policies of the population control set.

  • MM

    This is still population control agitprop, just not the apocalyptic variety. He acknowledges that world population is not going to expand indefinitely and will top out mid-century. But he still accepts that this is an unalloyed good thing. He still praises wide-spread availability of “family planning” without specifying what he means by that (presumably both pre and post-conception “planning”). He doesn’t say is how much of population expansion is due to longer life expectancy with some countries having a doubling of life expectancy between 1900 and 2000. He also doesn’t mention that fertility has been dropping since well before 1960, in fact it has been dropping for over 200yrs, well before the pill and other modern contraceptives.

  • Silly Interloper

    Yeah, I’m befuddled at your extolling of this Ted talk. As far as I can tell it explains how good birth control and population control are and how they are working to give us a steady population in the future, and, by the way, let’s be sure to get the poor countries in line, as well. All of this runs under the assumption that without our modern practice of cannibalizing of our babies, we would be in great trouble. I’m struck by this much in the way I would be struck by someone telling me, “Hey, the economy is now sustainable because of the GDP boost given by child prostitution.” The only reason they are triumphant and optimistic about the future is that they–and the devil–are having their way.

    • chezami

      I’m not extolling it. I’m simply pointing out that all the chatter about overpopulation is acknowledged, even by its champions, as crap. That they think it a good thing that we have fewer kids is beside the point. What they are admitting is that all the overpopulation hype is crap.

      • Silly Interloper

        Okay, “extolling” might have been a bit strong, but I don’t think Hans Rosling or Ted are admitting it’s crap. They may be showing that the extreme fringe of the alarmists that see doomsday around the corner is a bit overwrought, but the overpopulation hype is integral to that entire presentation. In fact, I don’t think Rosling was even refuting Paul Ehrlich and the like. It was more like he was saying “Thanks be to Us, family planning has curtailed the disaster that Ehrlich warned us about!” There’s nothing to be happy about here. This Ted Talk is a cry of victory from our enemies.

        • chezami

          Of course they aren’t. But they are still demonstrating that all the overpopulation hysteria is crap anyway.