How Charles Schulz Saved…

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Schulz’ story is a sad one in many ways, as the piece describes. One hopes he made it in the end. He was a mainstream Protestant who was, I think, as deeply unprepared for the upheavals of his time as most mainstream Protestants and Catholics were, only he had very little sacramental grace or Church teaching to draw on to get through the storm: just him and his Bible. May God have mercy on such harrassed and lonely sheep.

Oh, and by the way, be it noted that when Schulz packed his daughter off to have an abortion, the normative opinion, even among what would later be called “conservative Evangelicals” was that opposition to abortion was one of those stupid Catholic things, like opposition to contraception. What turned the tide was a) the work of Francis Schaeffer and b) the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. From 1973 to the late 70s, Catholics were pretty much alone in the prolife fight. So Schulz was doing what the overwhelming majority of “Bible believing Christians” told him was perfectly fine in 1968.

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  • Dave G.

    Are we sure about that? Most of what I learned and studied was that opposition to abortion picked up steam as a result of Roe. It gained momentum through the 70s. Which is why some accuse Reagan of just changing his views to appeal to the growing backlash. Don’t know if they dismissed it as a ‘Catholic thing’ or not. I’d need to seem some old writings from the period.

    As for Schultz, his spiritual journey has been the subject of much debate over the years, with various assessments conflicting. Some do say that The Great Pumpkin, was his way of downplaying the strong message of Charlie Brown Christmas.