One of the Many Reasons I Like Ross Douthat…

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"No, he/she doesn't. Obviously didn't listen the tape; hasn't watched the videos."

Not Romans 13. John 8:44
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Not Romans 13. John 8:44
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Not Romans 13. John 8:44

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  • Steve

    A daring thing you did there at the end, proposing that Harry Potter was a profoundly Christian book series. I agree with you, I think. Or perhaps, I don’t disagree with you.

    Most folks get tied up in the magic element of it, but the biggest takeaway for me was that the novels draw a clear line between good and evil. I think that voice is needed in an age of relativism.

    • Dave G.

      Whether it’s a profoundly Christian series or not is a matter of opinion. It certainly has Christian elements, and compared to much of what’s out there today aimed at kids, it’s practically Gospel. I finally got through that series since I was informed it’s impossible to have opinions about it without reading the thing. Though I’m not personally a fan of fantasy. My boys had read it several times and more or less enjoyed it. I’ll say this much, it’s a Christian influenced story for post-moderns. Which is only fair I guess. It’s of it’s time.

      • Harry Potter was fantastically inventive, decently moral, and progressively under-edited. I raced through every one of them the first time, but they don’t have nearly the repeat readability of LotR or even Narnia.

        I think the weakest part of Potter is the actual characters. The only really interesting one is the one you don’t find out is so interesting until very late. You know who I mean. And every time Dumbledore opens his mouth for the moral I know he’s going to say something blindingly obvious and not inspiring, something that would sound deep on the Disney channel but which cannot compare to the wisdom of characters in Lewis and Tolkien.

        Actually, now that I think of it, nearly all the older-generation characters (James, Lilly, et al) were more interesting than the ones we actually followed around. I wish we could have had a series about them.

        • Peanut Gallery

          I know who you mean, and that character made the series for me, just like Theoden in LOTR. Redemption in action. Love it.

    • Marthe Lépine

      And let’s not forget that it had many kids interested in reading books again. I remember a book store owner in my former neighborhood who actually pointed out that many kids, after reading Harry Potter books, and looking for something else in a similar vein, had actually turned to… Lord of the Rings! (Maybe with a little advice from the bookseller.) Seems to me that it’s not a bad result…

  • $2346491

    I’ve never read past the first book in the Narnia series, but a Brave New World was definitely prophetic about today’s society. All fun and no pain.. And notice that everything is tied up into consumerism and the worship of Ford.
    And of course Harry Potter is a profoundly Christian series. The main character is willing to sacrifice his own life to save everyone else’s.. Hmmm. Where have I read this before? There are apparently some people who are just bad at reading comprehension.