Paul Ryan, Our Last Best Hope for a Truly True Catholic in the White House

Every worthless parasite in Congress that supports screwing our troops–yet again–should face the choice of having every penny they have made beyond their salary of office summarily confiscated and put into a fund for disabled vets, or being sent immediately to Afghanistan to clean latrines and sweep mine fields in their bare feet.  Give them one minute to volunteer.  If they have not done so, imprison them for life, for treason.  Start with Paul Ryan and Patty Murray.

Andrew Bacevich, a soldier with more honor in his little finger than a hypocritical plutocrat like Paul Ryan has in his entire body, discusses how the one percent who command the vast majority of the nation’s wealth (for whom Ryan is the dutiful Grima Wormtongue) exploit, abuse and crap on the 1 percent who suffer, bleed, and die for the nation in our wars of empire abroad.

The spectacle of treating the odious Ryan as though he was Aquinas to Ayn Rand’s Aristotle has yet again borne the perfectly predictable fruit of injustice, to the surprise and amazement of the conservative anti-charism of discernment. This man, who used his dad’s SSI death benefits to go to school so he could join the tapeworm Ruling Class and deny those benefits to others–all while preaching the gospel of Ayn Rand (who likewise hypocritically sucked from the tit of the state while preaching absolute individualistic contempt for the weak)–has divvied up the world into “Makers and Takers”. And yet no one is more of a Taker than he: screwing troops whose boots he is not worthy untie out of their just wages and benefits (yet again) while continuing to keep his snout in the public trough.

The only thing inaccurate about this is that he is not a RINO.  He is doing what the GOP, in tandem with the Dems, have been doing for years: screwing the troops, sending them into needless war, abandoning them to homelessness and a staggering rate of mental illness, family destruction, suicide and poverty.  Because it’s not left vs. right: It’s our parasitic Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.  Send him to Afghanistan with Murray to read Atlas Shrugged to Murray while she licks toilets clean. Make them mop up the blood. Or confiscate their money and give it to disabled vets and send them to prison for life for treason.

A year ago, I was being lectured that this parasite was Aquinas to Rand’s Aristotle, that it was a sin against Almighty God to refuse to vote for him, and that I was, in the colorful expression of John Zmirak, “spilling my vote upon the ground” to refuse to back this man’s painfully obvious social grasping and contempt for the lower orders as he was trampling them and ditching his prolife credentials on his way to the top.

No regrets.  This guy is poster boy for why reducing the entire faith to “opposition to abortion taketh away the sins of the world” is a betrayal of both the fullness of the Faith and of any hope of a sane civic order. Next time, stop wasting energy barking at people to get with the program and eat the crap sandwich and instead nominate candidates who do not inspire loathing.

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