Pope recommends “Lord of the World”…

as he warns of “adolescent progressivism” and says that secular laws protect people who make “human sacrifices“.

This from the pope whom the Reactionaries were telling us would be a liberal “horror”.

Moral: Discernment-free Adolescent Reactionaries are not good judges of such matters. 

What is striking about Reactionaries is that they are the only subculture I know more self-absorbed, thin-skinned, and narcissistic than pelvic-obsessed progressive Baby Boomers. They’re peas in a pod.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Happily, Msgr. Benson’s book is freely available through sites such as Project Gutenberg or the Internet Archive. I read Lord of the World shortly after A Canticle for Leibowitz at the urging of my high school’s librarian; it certainly fired my youthful imagination!

    This pope continues to endear himself to me, which of course isn’t necessary but is certainly quite grand. I’ll also burgle his phrase “the globalization of hegemonic uniformity”.

  • Andy

    Pope Francis continues to challenge each and every one of us – conservative, liberal, progressive, reactionary – whatever the label. He is living the idea that being a Catholic is being counter-cultural – he has given me much pause to think and to examine my life and for that I am thankful, though pained by what I see. I find my self drawn to his vision in many ways, though he doesn’t need it from me. I look forward to reading over the Christmas break Lord of the World.