The Right Wing Noise Machine and the Boy Who Cried Wolf

So a week or two ago, the Right Wing Noise Machine erupted in fury because the Administration was moving Vatican Embassy staff around and sticking them in with Italian Embassy staff.  I had a feeling this was fake dudgeon from the Right Wing Noise Machine, but I couldn’t bring myself to care enough to find out.  Thanks therefore to Frank Weathers for doing the footwork.  As I thought, it’s just the RWNM ginning up hysterics among the consumers of FOX, Washington Times and talk radio until the next stupid thing to panic about (Kenyan birth?  Terrorist fist jabs!  Imminent declaration of Martial law followed by infinite third term!!!!)  The problem with the RWNM is that it is like the  Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Every time Obama clears his throat or flexes his pinky the screams go up.  So it gets hard to tell (or care) whether or not the latest shrieks from the Right are worth bothering about.  In this case, here’s the rule of thumb: if Vatican doesn’t care, neither should we.

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  • Andy

    What is most amusing about their screams over the embassy moving is that many of these folks are the same ones who have said that Francis should not talk about economics, capitalism, and the like for myriad reasons – he is a socialist, a Marxist, a dupe. If he is all of these why would an embassy be appropriate?

  • Dan C

    Not just any type of terrorist fist pump. But a BLACK terrorist fist pump.

    That was so entertaining. Listening to those who actually spoke of it critically was so revealing.

  • Sam Schmitt

    Is it just a coincidence that five former US ambassadors to the Vatican are very concerned about this?

    Among the more “entertaining” comments was from James Nicholson, hardly a lapdog to the far right, who said that it was “an insult to American Catholics and to the Vatican.” Another “amusing” comment came from the right-winger Ray Flynn, who said that the relocation of the embassy offered “no diplomatic or political benefit to the United States.”

    But what do they know?

    • Raymond

      The article addresses former ambassadors and their objections. It also states that the new location is closer to Vatican City, and that the embassy has never been within the limits of Vatican City. Mountains and mole hills.

    • Andy

      The move saves money and improves security – I thought it was all about doing those things.

    • kenofken

      Diplomats are bred and trained to read deep meaning into every decision and gesture made by their counterparts – who’s seated where at what function, the rank of who gets sent for a particular negotiation, how long it takes somebody to return a phone call etc. Life will go on.

  • My Sisters’ Brother

    “Five former American Ambassadors to the Holy See, who were appointed by both Democratic and Republican presidents, are unanimous in their condemnation of the closure of the American Embassy at the Vatican.” (

    (This is a big deal.)

  • HornOrSilk

    Here they are doing more than crying wolf again: the Pope is just like Obama!

    Isn’t it funny how first they act like they care about the Vatican, and when that doesn’t work, slam the Pope?

  • Dan Sealana

    As soon as I saw this story, I wrote it off as the latest Catholic blog knee-jerk outrage of the day. Right up there with “Obama wants to end Catholic education.” It’s really quite embarrassing. There are plenty of real reasons to criticize Obama without having to borrow ideas from the Land of Make-Believe.