The Right Wing Noise Machine and the Boy Who Cried Wolf

So a week or two ago, the Right Wing Noise Machine erupted in fury because the Administration was moving Vatican Embassy staff around and sticking them in with Italian Embassy staff.  I had a feeling this was fake dudgeon from the Right Wing Noise Machine, but I couldn’t bring myself to care enough to find out.  Thanks therefore to Frank Weathers for doing the footwork.  As I thought, it’s just the RWNM ginning up hysterics among the consumers of FOX, Washington Times and talk radio until the next stupid thing to panic about (Kenyan birth?  Terrorist fist jabs!  Imminent declaration of Martial law followed by infinite third term!!!!)  The problem with the RWNM is that it is like the  Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Every time Obama clears his throat or flexes his pinky the screams go up.  So it gets hard to tell (or care) whether or not the latest shrieks from the Right are worth bothering about.  In this case, here’s the rule of thumb: if Vatican doesn’t care, neither should we.

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