Wave of prayer

Caritas writes:

Join us in our wave of prayer to end hunger at midday 10th December to kick off our campaign “One human family, food for all”. The wave starts in Samoa and will cross every continent in the world.

One human family, food for all offers a unique opportunity for our voices to join as one and for us to work together to end the scandal which is world hunger.

The wave of prayer sets down the spiritual roots of the campaign and will involve Caritas organisations and people of good will from all around the world.

Things you can do:
o Organise a prayer meeting for midday on 10th December.
o Contemplate why hunger exists, how it affects people, how actions on what side of the world affect the lives of people on the other. Read a reflection on hunger from Caritas president, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga to the bishop presidents of Caritas organisations around the world.
o Download the Caritas prayer against hunger and the prayer service.
o Think about changes you could make to your own life and what changes need to happen within countries and on an international level so that people no longer go hungry.

Join us on social networks and post your comments and photos Facebook: IAmCaritas and Twitter: #Food4All

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Thank you for your help with this vitally important Caritas initiative.

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  • Raymond

    OK, so once the Wave of Prayer concludes, when can we expect hunger to end?

    • chezami

      Once you’ve taken your first breath, can you expect to never need a second one?