When you get two emails both titled “Shameless Self Promotion” from Two People…

…who don’t know each other, and you like them both, what do you do?

Offer a twofer, of course!

First, the lovely and excellent Erin Manning writes:

Last fall you were immensely kind enough to help me spread the word that my first-ever children’s science fiction book, The Telmaj, was available for sale.

May I impose on your kindness yet again and ask your help in spreading the word that the second book in the series, A Smijj of Adventure, is also now available?  It is suitable for readers ages 8 and up, and is sneakily Catholic and subversively pro-life as well as a fun adventure story that the young readers who’ve read it so far have enjoyed.

Many thanks in advance!

Check thou it out!  Could be a good Christmas Prez!

Then, the talented Mike Bokulich writes:

Having been strangely addicted to your blog for years now I’m hoping I can presume upon this intimate relationship to ask you a favor. I’ve recently started a blog of sorts as a venue to share my attempts at recording my musical adventures. My most recent offering is a song written for the Advent season. If you see fit to share it with your innumerable minions I would be immeasurably grateful.


Check thou that out too!

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  • http://redcardigan.blogspot.com/ Erin Manning

    Thanks, Mark! :)

  • Mike Bokulich

    Wow, it worked! Merry Christmas