Work of Mercy Opportunity

A reader writes:

Good morning Mark, I am sending this message to several family members and friends who i think might like to help out. I received this message from one of my dear friends from childhood this morning: “If you’d like to help out with some direct Philippines relief, let Juvy and me know. Most of you know about the typhoon that devastated the Philippines recently. Juvy’s grandfather’s house was wiped out during the storm. We’re currently working on a plan to get the house rebuilt. We have a list of materials needed, the costs for them, as well as the labor costs. If you want to pitch in, let us know and we can make sure you get full accounting of the help sent over. And for those who’ve already reached out to us, a big thanks. We’ll also be sharing updates on the progress.” I have his address and if anyone would like to send what they can to help, I will pass that along. Checks or money orders preferred. Anyway, just thought I would do my part. Peace.

Now you know! Here’s the email of my correspondent for those who want to help.

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