Chris Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference Confirms

Pope’s economic teaching turns out to be Catholic.

Cuz he’s, you know, the pope. Turns out you can get a much better sense of what he thinks and believes by reading what he says and comparing it with the Church’s teaching than by listening to panic-stricken Reactionaries who think they are clairvoyants prophecying Doom on the basis of a Really Bad Feeling they once had when they first laid eyes on him. I’ve actually studied this extensively and I can definitely confirm that nowhere in the Church’s teaching does it say that a trickle of peepee down the leg of a Reactionary hysteric is a sign from God that we ignore only at our peril.

I might also add that the Old Testament punishment of stoning for false prophets, though death penalty advocates may salivate at the opportunity to inflict it, is also not practiced by the Church–though some days it has a certain drop dead visceral authenticity that can be tempting when dealing with people running around like their hair is on fire every time the pope say something they think threatens their wallet.

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