Dale Ahlquist on the Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching

Reader Stu writes:

Dale Ahlquist [President of the American Chesterton Society] recently came to address our local version of AOTM on “The Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching

It was great and timely.

Dale is one of these wild-eyed fanatics who thinks the popes are not utopian idiots in ivory towers, but sane people who believe God doesn’t ask the impossible of us and will provide the grace to do his will if we will but screw our courage to the sticking place and try obeying him. And since he’s lived it, he kinda knows what he’s talking about. Walked out of a K Street lobby job and embarked on this crazy Chestertonian quest to promote the work of Chesterton and obey the Catholic Church as best he could. Turns out God provides. Praise God.

I love the guy. Check him out!

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