Deaf Cabbie Doesn’t Respond to Cops Yelling at Him

so they beat him for seven minutes:

Nascent police states–like ours–tend to select for these goons.

In related news, warrantless cop breaks into home and kills unarmed teen.  Judge lets him walk.

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  • quasimodo

    cabbie? or just a motorist?

  • jroberts548

    There was also a story where a cop murdered a suspect when the suspect surrendered following a chase.

  • MarylandBill

    Its really quite shocking how the police have been evolving in the past couple of decades. At some point they went from law-enforcement to paramilitary. Perhaps they have been convinced that their job is to use violence, not prevent it.

    • quasimodo

      for too many we can say “devolving” rather than “evolving”